Tuya Fingerbot Bluetooth - Switch inactive in HA


I added a Tuya bluetooth Fingerbot to HA using the Tuya Integration.
The device was discovered and added to HA, but I can’t control the actual switch since it’s inactive/greyed out.
At a first glance I couldn’t see any option to fix this (but I’m also quite new to HA…).

Screenshot 2024-02-18 154654

Is there any option to actually make this usable via Tuya HA?
Or do I need to use the custom Tuya BLE integration to be able to actually use the fingerbot (and not just getting displayed a state)?

First thing, I would check is whether it is (or not) greyed out in the Tuya App on your phone. This is just to make sure that the problem is in HA.
If in HA then try to reload the Tuya Integration and/or restart HA.

Everything works fine using the app.
I also restarted HA completely.

I just checked a Tuya smart plug in HA and this works fine, so there is no general issue with the Tuya Integration.

It feels like the Fingerbot switch function is just not exposed in HA via Tuya (cloud)?

I think the device was discovered since it’s known in my Tuya account, but actually never had a real connection to HA.

When checking the diag info:
“home_assistant”: {
“name”: “Fingerbot”,

“entity_id”: “switch.fingerbot_schalter_1”,
“state”: “unavailable”,
“attributes”: {
“device_class”: “outlet”,
“friendly_name”: “Fingerbot Schalter 1”

“last_changed”: “2024-02-18T14:55:53.108477+00:00”,
“last_updated”: “2024-02-18T14:55:53.108477+00:00”

So maybe there is a misunderstanding on my end…
Do I need to have an actual Tuya gateway (“in hardware”) in my network to be able to control Tuya Bluetooth devices via the HA Tuya Integration?

I expected the communication works:
HA via Tuya Integration → BL adapter → Fingerbot.
But it’s actually:
HA via Tuya integration → Cloud → Tuya Gateway → Fingerbot?

So I guess I could fix this only by using the Cusom Tuya Local integration?
(or setting up an actual Tuya Gateway in my network of course :slight_smile: )

No, with the Tuya Integration you do not need a Tuya gateway. Do you have other Toya devices and do these show in HA ?

That is the right way, though I am not sure what you mean with Tuya Gateway.
When you set up the Tuya Integration it asks you for a Q-code to be read by the Tuya App on your phone. Once that is done, the HA Tuya Integration should read and control your Tuya Wifi devices.
Tuya Zigbee devices are added as any other Zigbee device and not through the Tuya App on yout phone.

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I have one smart plug, which is showing up and working fine (I’m also able to switch it via HA).
But it’s a wifi plug, so I guess it’s actually not fully comparable.

(Also I have a Zigbee Fingerbot, which is working fine in HA, but is not paired with my App on the phone.)

See this topic:

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With Tuya Gateway I mean an “actual” Tuya Gateway bought on Aliexpress or similar and being integrated as such in my Tuya Cloud account e.g. via the Phone App and being connected to my network via cable as well :slight_smile:.

OK, let’s forget about the Zigbee and Wifi stuff, since it’s working fine in general and leads to confusion I think :slight_smile:
I’m just having trouble with the Bluetooth device.

So should it work
HA (on Raspi) via Tuya Integration → (Raspi integrated) BL adapter → Fingerbot.

Or is this not possible?
(I have the feeling it’s not, since there was never an actual contact with my HA as per the diag info.)

Thanks for your replies! :+1:

Once you have the Tuya Integration linked, with Q-code, to the Tuya App on your phone, you do NOT need a Tuya Gateway.

I am not familiar with Tuya using a Bluetooth connection.

Maybe there is something I do not understand but I believe it should be:
HA via Tuya Integration → Fingerbot

For Tuya Bluetooth devices to work with the Tuya integration, you need a Tuya multimode (Zigbee/Bluetooth) gateway, unless you use a custom integration (E.g. the one I linked before for the fingerbot)

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This actually looks like a solution and fits my theory.

I downloaded/installed the Tuya BLE Integration via HACS,
but when trying to actually add the Integration to HA
(via Settings → Device & Services → Add Integration → Tuya BLE)
I get this:
Config flow could not be loaded: {“message”:“Invalid handler specified”}

But when checking the files in custom_components/tuya_ble
there is actually a config_flow.py which looks fine to me

Did you experience a similar issue?
(Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m quite new to HA :slight_smile:)

It seems that this is a common issue, since the project was kind of abandonded by the dev (as far as I understand).

A possible solution is described here, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me…I guess due to newer HA version:

…and there is even a fork by somebody integrating the known fixes, but it seems that the current HA release is always ahead of those fixes as well :slight_smile:

Seems this whole Tuya BLE custom integration is quite a mess at the moment unfortunately.

I could get it working (for the moment…) using this:

and manually adding the changes mentioned here:
#92 (comment) (see “edit2”).