Controlling Tuya Fingerbot over Bluetooth BLE (locally, no cloud, no bluetooth gateway)

I have recently bought Tuya/Adaprox Fingerbot Plus and it’s great… but it used to be impossible to connect it to Home Assistant directly and control it locally. You had to rely on slow (2-6sec delay) tuya cloud, which was awful.

Fortunately, after going through the following threads, I have become more optimistic and hopeful, knowing that sooner or later there will be (un)official integration just for that.

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Here is the solution!
thanks to PlusPlus-ua there is a HACS integration that allows you to control Fingerbot locally. *You do need to register the device first through Tuya Cloud, but no cloud is required to control the Fingerbot later on.

Add HACS Integration


But how can I connect my Fingerbot to the Tuya App without a Tuya Gateway ?
According to the user manual, I should scan the QR code on the packaging to connect the device to the app. BUT the two QR Codes don’t work! One code is only for app store and the other code is link to user manual. It is therefore not possible to connect the device.

So is there a way to connect without Tuya Gateway or is it mandatory ?

Thanks :ok_hand:t3:

If your phone has bluetooth you should be able to do it through the app - without the need for gateway.

This integration is weird for me, doesn’t seem to work if my server has no Bluetooth module even if there are more than enough Bluetooth proxies available…

Tested with a server with a Bluetooth module and it works immediately :S
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The integration from plusplus-ua works fine for me using a Bluetooth fingerbot.
For bluetooth reception I use a USB dongle from ASUS (ASUS USB-BT500).

But I noticed that after using this integration my IBeacon (integration) detection has become very unstable.
Every 4-5 minutes or so, IBeacon will show various beacons as away and 2-3 minutes later it reconnects with the beacon, showing it at home again.

When I disable the ha_tuya_ble integration, everything goes back to normal.

Anybody have an idea what is the reason for that?

works perfectly!! thank you for your hard work. and i hope you keep yourself safe during your hard times youre facing.