Tuya Fingerbot / Cubetouch Bot Support

Hi, was looking into smart mechanical button pusher robots. I found a Tuya fingerbot on aliexpress that is different than the Adaprox fingerbot. It is also called “Cubetouch Bot” in the listing description. It is a bit cheaper at $15 / unit compared to $30. It also uses bluetooth and is stated to work with Tuya bluetooth gateway.

According to Fingerbot/switchbot without bridge/hub?! - #3 by 50494554524F Switchbot and Adaprox Fingerbot can work with BT adapter attached to HA. Was wondering if anybody has the Tuya fingerbot and if they have gotten it working similarly.

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I am also following development with the Tuya Fingerbot and the new HA bluetooth integration. I am sure someone will come up with a working integration without the Tuya Bluetooth bridge!

Has there been my progress or update to Tuya Fingerbot integration into Home Assistant?

I don’t think the native HA Bluetooth integration can help because of Tuya/Adaprox using an encrypted key to talk with devices. But user u/redphx on Reddit accomplished something amazing creating a code to control Tuya/Adaprox bluetooth devices locally. He succeeded with the Fingerbot and was supposed to put his code here: GitHub - redphx/python-tuya-ble: Python library to interact with Tuya BLE protocol

If anyone knows who is redphx, I think we would all be eager to get some updates on his project.

Here is the Reddit page where I found about this project:

I have tuya fingerbot like this.
It does work with home assistant but I didn’t set it up. for now, to work locally. I managed to make my bluetooth adapter to work with ha and now I’m looking for solutions to make this thing work with home assistant without cloud.
Currently I have two of them to turn on dishwasher and washing machine and they are integrated in home assistant with tuya gateway.


I’m curious about the status of this. I was able to integrate the same fingerbot as @ddaniel in 30 sec in the tuya smart life app, Home assistant sees it but… its shows as unavailable…

Try to pair it again. Or check it in tuya iot. Ha is getting data from tuya iot. If there is fingerbot unavailable the same thing will be with ha.

I think it becomes unavailable because it is Bluetooth and goes to sleep somehow.

I purchased the aquara mini switch (which is a button switch) and I use it to activate the Fingerbot. I had it working for a while but the problem I find is that even if you try to readd the device, the old entities remain in HA.

Also, because the Fingerbot shows as unavailable in Tuya until I actually open up the device’s settings in Tuya (ie: if I’m scrolling through my devices in Smart Life, it will show offline but then if I click on its device settings, it takes a moment or so but then it comes back online once it is awoken), the aquara switch often doesn’t work, even though the automation in HA will show it was successfully triggered.

These fingerbots need a workaround. I have four of them, all different brands, and none work properly or stably.

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I don’t have that experience. I have two tuya fingerbot switches and they are working perfectly fine. They are always available in smart life app. If they are not available in smart life app than something is wrong with your config. Maybe tuya gateway is loosing connection or have weak connection. Or connection between gateway and fingerbot is weak.

Someone did manage to make a local way to control it here.

wonder if someone could make an addon to make it easier

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Has anyone with a Fingerbot already tried this recent custom component?

Thanks in advance for providing feedback.

I guess it’s just a matter of retrieving device ID and encryption key. Anyone had success with that?

I don’t have mine yet, that’s why I was asking…

Maybe using this?

Yep - working - with no hub :slight_smile:

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How did you retrieved device IDs and encryption keys?

Followed these instructions Tuya - Home Assistant

So basically steps goes as follow?

  1. Install Tuya Integration (I already had the Tuya integration running)
  2. Install the custom component ha_tuya_ble (GitHub - PlusPlus-ua/ha_tuya_ble: Home Assistant support for Tuya BLE devices)
  3. Add the fingerbot

Are there missing steps here?

Official Tuya Integration is optional.
My integration just uses the same set of credentials as Official Tuya and can import credentials from there.

Good to know! I will order a couple fingerbots now that the ha_tuya_ble pugin is working!
So basically with ha_tuya_ble you don’t need to go through a script to extract device_id , uuid , local_key , mac_address with tuya-local-key-extractor ?

Just install the custom component ha_tuya_ble and fingerbots will be able to work without hub?

Yes, exactly.

Devices must be added to Tuya cloud, but it could be done without hub, just by direct Bluetooth connection from the mobile.

You have also pay attention to stability of connection between the device and your Bluetooth adapter.

The Tuya BLE integration can also work via Bluetooth Proxy, I’ve tested it with ESP32 one ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy

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