Tuya gang wall switch conversion

Hi all,

I got these light switches for my entire house and tried them out for about 8 months with tuya local, but it was just a headache the whole time.

I saw then that someone transplanted their wb3s modules in similar tuya devices with esp12f modules (pinouts are mostly the same), but now my problem comes in with setting this up with ESPHome. Here

I’ve managed to get some interaction with ESPHome and the flashed esp12f module, but my lights start to rapidly turn on and off. I’ve tried to look at the ESPHome Tuya MCU documentation, but its not really clear to me what I could look at or what I should do.

So, I want to know if someone did something similar that might be able to help me?

Code? Where is a link to what “someone” did?

Added the link, sorry first time creating a post.

All the similar things I found on the forum and reddit are for dimmer switches, but mine is just normal switches.

I’d have a look at this thread Unkown tuya chip