Tuya garage door opener (category = ckmkzq) device unsupported, has no entities

Please read through this entire post before deciding bug vs feature request.

I recently hooked up a Smart Garage Door Opener compatible with Tuya using Smart Life app (which works just fine). I was expecting this to show up in HomeAssistant just like other Tuya devices in my network (lights etc). However that does not appear to be the case; the HA Tuya integration finds the device, but no entities are listed (see screenshot).

The Tuya IoT Platform shows this device listed correctly with status of “online” for my dev project (together with previous existing devices in my network that do work fine with HA Tuya integration). I also checked the doc on Supported Tuya Device Category and that shows category ckmkzq is compatible

And as listed in the diagnostics file from my HA instance (see below) that is the same category used by my device as well.

  "home_assistant": {
    "installation_type": "Home Assistant OS",
    "version": "2022.3.8",
    "dev": false,
    "hassio": true,
    "virtualenv": false,
    "python_version": "3.9.9",
    "docker": true,
    "arch": "x86_64",
    "timezone": "America/Chicago",
    "os_name": "Linux",
    "os_version": "5.10.108",
    "supervisor": "2022.03.5",
    "host_os": "Home Assistant OS 7.6",
    "docker_version": "20.10.9",
    "chassis": "vm",
    "run_as_root": true
  "custom_components": {},
  "integration_manifest": {
    "domain": "tuya",
    "name": "Tuya",
    "documentation": "https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/tuya",
    "requirements": [
  "data": {
    "endpoint": "https://openapi.tuyaus.com",
    "auth_type": 0,
    "country_code": "1",
    "app_type": "smartlife",
    "mqtt_connected": true,
    "disabled_by": null,
    "disabled_polling": false,
    "name": "Main Garage Door",
    "model": "GD801",
    "category": "ckmkzq",
    "product_id": "vPxZSdMT8rtymUjf",
    "product_name": "Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener",
    "online": true,
    "sub": false,
    "time_zone": "-06:00",
    "active_time": "2022-03-26T19:08:46+00:00",
    "create_time": "2022-03-26T19:08:46+00:00",
    "update_time": "2022-03-26T19:09:44+00:00",
    "function": {},
    "status_range": {},
    "status": {},
    "home_assistant": {
      "name": "Main Garage Door",
      "name_by_user": null,
      "disabled": false,
      "disabled_by": null,
      "entities": []

As I searched for more info I came across similar posts from others dated around Nov 2021 when HA 2021.11 was released (a common pattern). Then I found bug #666 that mentions Tuya category = ckmkzq with multiple people confirming the issue with similar devices (garage door opener). However, the last comment on that bug seems to suggest this should be a feature request and not a bug?! IMO this is a bug and the feature request linked below is NOT related to the issue. So in an effort to build consensus in this forum…

  • Do others agree this is the same bug as #666? (ie do not log a new bug)
  • What avenue is available to vote up an existing bug?
  • Any other recommendations for next steps I can follow?

Please note: below feature request is for Tuya category = mc (which is clearly NOT listed in the Supported Tuya Device Category ), and hence I do not consider that to be the same issue as above. I am only listing that here for reference and not as a resolution or recommended avenue to vote.

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Yes me too have the same problem, exactly as you listed. anyone knows how to get the Garage Door Opener to work in Home assistant.

I have done as below.

  1. Configured the device “name”: “Garage Door Opener”, “model”: “CSH-GRGDROPN”, “category”: “ckmkzq”, from SMARLIFE app.
  2. Its works in smart line, and alexa
  3. I have TUYA cloud integration working with other device.
  4. Have got this garage door appear under TUYA devices but says (unsupported) and without any Entity_ID.

Any smart brains out there know how to make this work in home assistant?

I have just bought a new tuya smart garage door opener and im seeing the same issue.

I’d really like to know if anyone will be able to get this supported because this product would be next to useless for me otherwise.

I am new to Home Assistant and trying to setup my Tuya Garage Door Opener. I can get the device into Home Assistant but it only shows as a sensor, it doesn’t have a switch associated with it so I can’t control the door through HA.

Anyone know how I can get the switch part working?

Looks like Tuya Garage Door (category ckmkzq) DOES NOT WORK with Tuya Cloud and necessarily needs Local Tuya.

And it has two external Local Tuya plugins. You need “HACS” and then install this Tuya Local:

After, you adds a new device, and insert with ip, device id and local key.

So, you need to add two entities, one for lock and another for binary_sensor.

I can confirm that Tuya Garage Door (category ckmkzq) works with HA when using LocalTuya (through HACS) that @igordisco listed above. Thanks.