Tuya Garage Door opener status wrong in LocalTuya

I’ve just installed HA and LocalTuya to manage locally my Tuya devices. LocalTuya only finds a few of them but I will open a different topic for that.

Here I’d like to discuss about the fact that one device status is not showing correctly.

One of the few devices LocalTuya detects is my Wofea Garage Door opener, but I am not sure I am setting it up correctly.

This garage door opener has a sensor to detect open/close status and a switch that “activates” my garage door motor.
When setting it up in LocalTuya I first select a switch entity and then a binary sensor.
I have also set up a widget in my Android phone to activate the switch so that I can open and close the garage door very quickly from my car.
I’ve opened the garage using the widget and the door opened correctly. Then I closed it (again via the widget) and it closed but in HA’s dashboard the switch was shown in the “on” position (while the sensor correctly stated the door as ‘closed’).
Also, shouldn’t the garage door opener show up as a cover (as it does in the Tuya integration)? Did I install it in the wrong way?
Thank you

Hi there,

I’m not exactly answering your question, but I have the guts Tuya garage door switch and magnetic sensor. My magnetic sensor joins together when the door is closed. Do you have the same configuration? Possibly if you have the magnet travelling on to the sensor which the door is open it will display in reverse…?

My Tuya app shows the switch as “off” when closed and “on” when open. See below even shots. I also installed the “custom button card” and then this is the card config that I used to show the garage door opener and state in HA with red for open and green for closed. Also the switch has a lock feature meaning it requires a double tap to open or close to prevent accidental garage door activation when just scrolling through HA app as can sometimes happen.

type: custom:button-card
name: Garage Door Open
entity: switch.garage_door_opener_1
icon: mdi:garage-open-variant
color: rgb(255, 0, 0)
  - value: 'off'
    name: Garage Door Closed
    icon: mdi:garage-variant
    color: rgb(0, 200, 0)
  enabled: true
  color: black

Hope it helps you.

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First of all, thanks a lot for your help.

My garage door opener has the same kind of sensor (one part is fixed and the other moves when opening the door: when the two parts are close to each other the door is shown as closed, otherwise it’s shown as open).

I’ve followed this post (found using different keywords than those used when I searched the forum before posting):

and now the sensor state and the switch state are coincident. But at the beginning they used to be: it all changed after a few open/close cycles, so let’s see if everything stays in place in the next few usages. :slight_smile:

I’m very much interested in your custom button card: how do I implement that?
Also the double tap feature looks very interesting, how did you achieve that?

Thanks a lot again

Well, it took two hours of reading, trying and making mistakes but I now managed to install the custom button card “add on” and create the custom button.
Thank you very much!

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