Tuya garage door opener

I have an MHCOZY branded tuya-based garage door opener with a door sensor which I have struggling to integrate with HA. The device works perfectly via the SmartLife app. In HA, the switching (open/close) works using the Tuya Cloud integration but the door sensor does not show up which makes it sort of useless for my purpose. Then I tried the Local Tuya integration and the latest versions (3.1/3.2 and master) did not work at all e.g. device state always unavailable with all possible combinations of DPs. Eventually, I got the 3.0.1 version to work partially. The door sensor gets picked up and shows me open/closed states, but the switching itself does not work.

I am currently using two different integrations for door state and for switching which is not ideal and have been trying to find a solution to this issue. Any help or any pointers are appreciated.

Same, here I don’t have status if garage door is open or closed

I have registered it as a switch and found one of the DP has related data (door state). I had a seperate sensor to show the door state as real data stored in DP is either ‘0’ or ‘0.1’.

  - host: your_device_ip_address
    device_id: your_device_id
    local_key: your_local_key
    friendly_name: Garage Door
    protocol_version: "3.3"
      - platform: switch
        friendly_name: Garage Door
        id: 1
        current: 7
        current_consumption: 101
        voltage: 102

- sensor
        unique_id: garage_door_is_open
        friendly_name: Garage Door Is Open
        value_template: '{{ states.switch.garage_door.attributes.current_consumption | float * 10 > 0 }}'