Tuya home bridge error

Hello everyone

I’m trying a lot of thing to make my tuya plugin work on home bridge, but, I’m always getting this error:

TuyaOpenAPI response: {“code”:2406,“msg”:“skill id invalid”
Failed to get device information. Please check if the config.json is correct.

this is my config.js file:

    "bridge": {
        "name": "homebridge-tuya-platform",
        "username": "BE:B9:AC:79:6C:CA",
        "port": 8081,
        "pin": "034-85-687"

    "description": "This is an Homebridge Plugin of Tuya.",

    "platforms": [
            "platform": "TuyaPlatform",
            "name": "TuyaPlatform",
                "username": "some_email",
                "password": "some_pass",
                "accessId": "some_id",
                "accessKey": "some_key",
                "lang": "en",
                "projectType": "2",
                "appSchema": "tuyaSmart",
                "countryCode": 44,

I’m in Brazil, and already try few contry codes: 86, 55 but noone worked…