Tuya integration always reporting on for lights?

Hi All,

I am using the new Tuya integration with their cloud but I am getting a really odd experience and wondering if someone can advise?

I have 2x hue bulbs that are connected to a Lidl zigbee hub which is then connected to the Tuya smarthome app.

The Tuya smart home works perfectly although occasional when I use Google Home to turn the lights off/on/change colour after a couple of seconds they jump back to the orangey white light (see below).

Home Assistant on the other hand always reports the bulbs as on and an orangey white light.

If I turn the bulbs off via home assistant they turn off but moments later Home assistant reports them on and back to the orange colour even though they aren’t.

Turning them on/off, changing colour etc seems to work from Home Assistant but their state always jumps back to this odd colour and on.

Any advice much appreciated.

Thanks, Max