Tuya integration broken?

Is anyone else finding the off the shelf Tuya integration isn’t working? Separate fro the issue in 106 of slowness.

Turning on a switch via HA doesn’t work, and manually changing the switch isn’t reflected in the GUI. There are no errors in the log files…

Have you turned logging up?

ok - never dug into debug.

setup as

  default: error
    homeassistant.components.tuya: debug

and I now get limited logging for tuya:

Mar 15 12:51:07 JonLabNUC hass[22410]: 2020-03-15 12:51:07 DEBUG (SyncWorker_9) [homeassistant.components.tuya] Pull devices from Tuya.

What did I do wrong?

(and it is back to slow rather than not working)

ok - no idea. seems working. nothing changed other than restarting hass.