Tuya integration error: Login error (2406): skill id invalid

I’m attempting to integrate my few Tuya devices. I have created a developer account and gotten the Access ID and Access Secret from my project. I have synced the app with the developer account. However, when I try to login, I get this:

Login error (2406): skill id invalid

I am using my Smart Life app username/password. My region for the developer account is set to United States, as is the region in the app. I have it configured to use the Eastern US Data Center. The project was just created today.

I have tested changing a few letters on the access ID and the access secret, and then I get a different login erorr, so this tells me that the Access ID and Access Secret are good. I simply can’t login though, with my app credentials (which are indidentallly the same as my devleoper account)

I’ve seen post online from people from Austrialia switching their region to Swedem worked, but that didn’t work for me. I’ve tried everything I can find in this and other forums, but no one’s solution has worked so far.

I’m hoping for a little help from the HA community.

Thanks in advance!

try Weatern US Data Center

also you didnt mention which Tuya integration, you use, i believe there are 3 different “versions”

PS: and maybe you should try to lock-in, using your tuya.iot credetials :wink:

Thanks for the reply!

I am using the standard HA Tuya integration (not one from HACS - the one that is built into HA).

I just tried switching to the Western US Data Center, but I got the same error there. My login credentials (both username and password) are identical for both the app and the IOT Developer account, so I know I’ve got the correct credentials in there.

Argh, this is frustrating! I have watched videos that step through every step of this and followed the instructions exactly, but I’m getting different results.

I’m going to have to guess this was something on the Tuya side yesterday. I tried again this morning with the same credentials and API key/secret and everything worked. My devices are now showing up in HA!

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Great !, enjoy … i had to first change “project”(new project) in tuya.iot , select devices(and the country/zone, EU)(dunno if i noticed that first time)
Then in Integration, Central Europe ( thou i thought, Sweden belong to “Western Europe” :slight_smile: ( which was my obvious choice, first)

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