Tuya Integration - Merkury Light Strip Google Assistant white color name issue

Hi, I’ve been using the Tuya integration for 1 device for a while now. It works, decent-ish. However, it started messing up the other day and I had to remove/re-add the integration. Not a huge deal, but it made me wonder if there was a way to fix an issue I’ve had with it since I started using it.

I got one of these cheap Merkury light strips with a google home mini from Walmart, so I set it up and started using them. So, through the Home Assistant app, everything seems to work perfectly fine. The colors follow the color wheel, no issues. However… When I try to control the color via Google Home/Assistant though, I cannot get the Light Strip to turn white using any type of “white” color naming (white, off-white, warm white, cool white, daylight)… the color just stays what it was. If I tell google to set it to grey though, it turns white (or white enough).

My question is… am I missing something that should make that work? If not, is there some way that I can just alias at least one of those colors to “grey” for that entity? Reason being that I have 2 other smart lights in the room with this light strip, I would like to control them all at once but those lights actually set themselves a grey color when I tell them to set to grey. So, I need this strip to actually follow some form of white.

Thanks in advance.