Tuya integration not showing zigbee temperature sensor

Hello all,

I have configured cheap Wi-Fi zigbee gateway in my network and connect 3 devices, two zigbee sockets and one temperature/humidity sensor. If using mobile application Tuya, I can see all details for all three devices. So far everything is fine.

I have installed HA on my Synology NAS via Docker. I have added Tuya integration and successfully logged to my account. After some time I can see two zigbee sockets, but not temperature sensor. Any idea why?


Jan K.

Hello, I have same issue. Were you able to get it running?

Hello Ales,
I haven’t found any solution for that. At the end I was not happy that home depends on the some Tuya cloud. I left Thuya software at all, bought USB Conbee stick, connected it to USB in Synology and used direct Zigbee integration. Works smoothly.
Jan K.

Hi, yes I ended with similar result. I have CC2351 USB stick connected to my Raspberry pi and I get it working through zigbee2MQTT