Tuya Integration Ports

I run a VPN on my Home Assistant server and can only get the new Tuya integration to work when I remove it from the VPN. Does anyone know what port(s) I need to open to get this to work without removing the whole server from the VPN? I’ve tried 6668 and 6667. Thanks.

Bringing this back to the surface. I’ve been in contact with Tuya Support. I’ve tried there recommendation below of opening these ports with no success. They came back and said just take my HA server off the VPN which does work, but is insecure. I can’t be the only one running a VPN, does anyone have a solution? Thanks.

Hello, you can try these ports.
443/1883/8883/8884/8885/8886/8887/8657-> mqtt
6666-> udp
6668-> tcp
80-> http
443-> https