Tuya integration seems to have expired

It looks like my Tuya Cloud Development Plan expired after one month. I had previously installed the Tuya Cloud integration and linked my Tuya Smart Life application and it was displaying all devices OK.
When I tried to setup Tuya Local integration, I received the error “Failed to retrieve device list. Error 28841002: No permissions. Your subscription to cloud development plan has expired.”
Online tutorials and YouTube channels suggest that the free Tuya IoT Platform “Trial” edition will automatically reset after 1 year, but mine seems to have expired only after one month.
Does anyone know how to reset the CLoud Development Plan expiry date?
Thanks in advance.

The free plan on the Tuya Development Platform only lasts for a month, as far as I’ve ever seen. There is a way to ask for an extension, but last I checked, I never got a response, though I didn’t end up waiting for it anyways. Otherwise, to extend your subscription, you have to pay an exorbitant amount of money, which none of us are willing to do. I have been under the impression that devices that were connected during the free plan should continue working, but I have been noticing some people seem to be losing access lately after their month expires.

I was never actually able to get my cloud subscription to work, but the way that I got my device IDs and local keys for LocalTuya was by using an android emulator following this video: HOW TO - Get All Local Tuya Keys (ALL KEYS, SIMPLE, NO SOLDERING) - YouTube

Since then, I haven’t had any problems with my connection with my smart plug, except for the night I lost internet for several hours and just had to unplug and plug it back into the outlet. I also added another one yesterday, so I know that the method still works.

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