Tuya Integration setup failure - Invalid authentication

I am having an issue getting the Tuya integration to work. I can’t seem to get the integration to accept my credentials.

I enter in my username, password, country code (353 - Ireland) and select tuya as app option and I just get “Invalid authentication”. I can’t see anything in the logs that might hint at the cause. I am successfully able to log into the Tuya portal as well as the phone app.

Is there any suggestions to get my Tuya devices configured within Home Assistant



I have the same problem

Did you enter your username or email? the second works the first doesn’t!

I am entering my email address as that is what I am using to log into the Tuya app and Website. I have also tried phone number but doesn’t seem to make a different. I have also tried setting up a SmartLife account and again no difference in behaviour

Maybe try a less complex password?

Thanks for the suggestion but that did not work. I tried a password < 10 characters long with just numbers and letters and didn’t work either.

I have version 113.3. Does anyone even have integration working? I tried both the “tuya” profile and the “smart life” profile (I used the appropriate applications). In any case, the authorization is incorrect

I have the same issue with Tuya integration :frowning: and same version 113.3

then we are waiting to be noticed and fixed in the next update.

I have decided to raise a support ticket as it doesn’t appear that i have done something wrong if others are getting similar issues. Here is the support ticket https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/38724


works with country code 39! verified

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I fixed this by creating a new simple account with another email, earlier I was signing in with Google and experiencing this issue. I guess if you sign in with Google then the username is not your email.

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Thanks… had the same issue with a google account so created a yahoo email and registered tuya to that email and verification in HA then worked.

You must try setup a mobile phone number first and after use this as the username.

To setup that go to: Me / More Services / Mobile Notification (or SMS notification) on Smart Life App or Tuya App.

@ValeWalker27 have posted other path to do the same thing: ME → FEATURED → MESSAGE NOTIFICATION

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I had the same issue (Invalid authentication). The fix that worked for me was to create a new account with my yahoo email and a 10 digit alpha numeric (no symbols) password.

I tried your suggestion, but couldn’t find Mobile Notification.

After clicking Me -> More Services this is what I see.

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Have the same problem

There is no way to add phone number to tuya smart app

I’m also having the same issue. Tried with different country codes and different apps, but still nothing. I know that my credentials are working.

Can’t get this to work either… Bummer

I have follow your suggestion @Cleverson_Sacramento. After add sms notification in SmartLife app i can use my phone number as username.
In smartlife, it show my username like this : 33-06XXXXXXXX.
In HA, i use 06XXXXXXXX and 33 as country code and it’s works.