Tuya integration: show and manage Automations

We provide smart farm solutions: Tuya automation to turn on/off switches based on soil sensor metrics.

Automations are setup in Tuya Smart well. However these are not shown up and manageable in Tuya integration. Scenes (Tap-to-Run) are listed under devices OK.

We would like Tuya integration to have Automations included also.

Thank you.

I suspect this will be unlikely to be implemented for two reasons:

  1. Automations are not exposed by Tuya API.

  2. Home Assistant has its own automation engine you can use.


Thank you.

I found this API:

However this needs Cloud API subscription which is at least $25k/year which we can’t afford…

We have mixed user base (automations are setup from Tuya app by fertigation system vendor and farmers who need to change setting to a sub set of automation rules).

Please let me know if you have any idea to solve this problem.

Don’t buy Tuya wifi devices.