Tuya Integration wont find door/window sensor

Hi I have a problem with the Tuya integration. I have two Window blinds which is found no problem but despite everything I have tried the wifi Window/Door sensors will not appear in home assistant - In the Tuya app all works perfectly. Any help appreciated.

The integration currently does not have code to recognize these sensors. I have some too that I’d love to use from HA but someone has to add them to the integration code.

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Great thanks for letting me know - been driving me crazy!!

There has been much discussion about adding the door/window sensors to the Tuya integration but it doesn’t look likely that it will be added because of the way the sensors operate.

A couple of ways I have added these Tuya sensors to HA is either to ping the sensor’s IP address on your router, and every time it appears to toggle the state of a binary sensor in HA. This is not that reliable because if the door opens and closes quickly you could up with an open state when the door is actually closed. It’s alright for windows though, as you wouldn’t open and close them so quickly.

The way I have done it, if you have an Android device, is to use Tasker to intercept the notification from your Tuya app and then send a command to HA to change the state of the binary sensor. It’s still not 100%, but hasn’t been too bad.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


That’s very helpful. I had no idea they couldn’t be integrated. It’s a shame as they were very cheap and seem to work from quite a distance, which is a great advantage over RF, Zwave or ZigBee. I only got them to play with so will probably demote them to the odds and sods box.


I have also a pair of these and I was looking and seems that in the past the Hue emulated used to help with the integration, as tuya is working with Alexa.But since the emulated version is not working anymore, dose anyone have an idea how to pass the sensor state from Alexa to HA?

That’s interesting, i thought they would have included by now.
Looks like I’m gonna have to rely on xiaomi sensors

you can maybe try a work around.
in Tuya if you create a Automation to send you a message everytime a contact sensor is triggered.
that automation will appear in HA. you might be able to so something with that.