Tuya integration won't recognise SMARTLIFE motion and door sensors

I’m still quite new to this. I have door and motion sensors which are configured under SMARTLIFE on my phone and work fine. I put the TUYA integration onto my HA and originally it auto-recognised the devices but gave them daft names (which were more like their state)…

So I thought I’d rename them, but since then they have disappeared on HA and I can’t get them back. I’ve tried removing & re-adding the devices, the TUYA integration, deleting and recreating my SMARTLIFE account etc. I also tried the deprecated method of setting up TUYA but the devices are simply not being recognised and added on HA boot.

PS It didn’t work on a new test machine I set up either.and calling the Force Update and Pull services don’t fix it. I guess it’s bust at their end…?

I managed to post this into a black hole so the update is to kick it back to the top otherwise no-one will see it!!

I’m surprised you ever got to see them, because Tuya motion and door/windows sensors are not supported by the Tuya Integration.

They aren’t Tuya brand - they are some cheap Chinese stuff - and fall under Smartlife rather than Tuya.

But possibly that’s the answer - though they were definitely there in the recent past!! I am thinking I may have a backup with them in but I’m not sure what use I could make of it.

I went back to a backup and realised how I’d got them working.

Set them up as scenes, which then get imported into HA. That’s why they had daft names - it was the default scene name. So I now have scenes set up call Door Sensor Open and Door Sensor Closed, and Motion Detected, and I may be able to use them to do stuff.

That solution is fine for me as I’m really just testing capabilities and possibilities.