Tuya Intergration added but no entities found

Hi everyone, I new here and was hoping someone could assist me with Tuya. I’ve added the intergration and it signed into my Tuya account fine but doesn’t discover any of my Tuya devices.

Nothing has been added to my entities and the Tuya intergration is blank.

Hope someone knows the solution to this.


What Tuya devices do you have ?

Hey Francis its a garage door opener “wifi switch” brand is WOFEA.

I can find it on my Alexa app and it shows as connected via Home Assistant and binary_sensor.garage_roller_door
It doesn’t respond within the Alexa app though

I have the same problem. Add all the settings and everything seams to add, but no devices, but I have 2 plugs in the list of devices in the Mobile for Tuya and 2 devices in the IOT Platform from Tuya