Tuya Intergration Erratic Behavior

Hi All
I am seeing a lot of erratic behavior with Tuya integration today, some lights are not responding, some of them are not turning off… no errors in the log, I have around 12 tuya bulbs showing this erratic behavior, how can I enable logs for tuya Home assistant integration ?

Similar. I toggle the light on and the home assistant entity switch icon toggles back to off a second later( but leave the light on). So it’s out of sync. V1 was working fine!

Just fixed it by doing this.

@Delbz Thanks for the reply, I confirmed that Device Status Notification API has been enabled.

I see similar issue with my smart life app as well for a few of the groups. Logs for these devices in Tuya IOP also not showing any errors

Thanks for this I missed that step! :slight_smile: