Tuya internal integration

I’m using the actual integration for Tuya within Home Assistant to control my Nedis WIFI bulbs. Everything has been great from before moving to that integration and since (August-ish I think).

However, I noticed in the last week or two, certainly since November updates, that the brightness can no longer be set. I can change the brightness on the UI slider, nothing happens. If I close that popup, then open it again, the slider is back at the previous value.

I can still change the brightness of the bulbs from the Tuya Android app and there are no firmware updates available for the bulbs.

Has something become broken or is there something I have to do to re-integrate?

Thanks in advance.

Just to add what I’ve tried, I removed the bulbs and re-added them. The integration found them great, and turning them on and off is ok, but brightness just seems knobbled.

This has been reported over on official Home Assistant github for Core…