Tuya IoT trial account 50 device limit

I just received an email alert from Tuya IoT saying I’d exceeded my monthly quota. I have a trial extension in place. Because of the recent issues with the Tuya integration, I’ve been reloading the integration every 5mins. And I have 65 devices.

I queried the “quota exceeded” message with Tuya and they said a trial IoT account was only good for 50 devices. I’ve had more than that for some time and this hasn’t been an issue before.

So I have 2 questions:

  • has anyone found the 50 device limit to be binding, and is there a work around (about from a corporate subscription!)?
  • assuming the limit is actually about the number of calls, has anyone else had a notification from Tuya about exceeding it, and have you got round it?

I’ve just turned off my “reload every 5mins” automation in the hope the unrelated Tuya issue is fixed and I get regularly updated sensor updates with repeated calling. I assume that would help.