Tuya light not working in group

I have two tuya GU10 lights in a group. For some reason they just don’t respond to the group controls. Has anyone come across this? The group otherwise works fine and I’ve confirmed the lights are correctly in the group.

There is a basic group integration which shadows the states of included entities, if one of them is on, group acts as on etc (very entity specific)

There is another integration which is called light group, which was supposed to help you to control multiple lights at once. Are you referring to this one?

THis Is a believe just a basic group in my groups.yaml file:

  TV Lounge:
    name: TV Lounge
    - light.tv_lounge
    - light.tv_halo
    - light.tv_lounge_main
    - light.yeelight_tv
    - light.left_tv_gu10
    - light.right_tv_gu10

Thanks for help