Tuya local and Gosund SP211 - Can't get power sensor to work

I just got a couple of Gosund SP211 and added them to Tuya. I can integrate them with the Tuya Local, but I can’t figure out how to get the power reporting to work.

I found this post that shows the different “ID” codes, but these don’t correspond with what’s available from the Gosund plugs.

If I choose “sensor” and try to find the corresponding ID to use (I also tried just setting to
device class = power), I can choose between these:

The switches just work without specifying anything here. But I can’t get the power monitoring to work (I would have thought it was 9 and 10, but they don’t change when something is plugged in drawing power). Does anyone have experience with this approach for these plugs?

I know you can (maybe, depending on WiFi module version) flash Tasmota, and probably also ESPHome. I might end up going that way, but would rather start with Tuya local if possible.

You first have to choose switch (1) for the Device, and it could be so that this switch/device only have the power, volt and current integrated in the " Switch " … so choose switch, then 1, and see there if there is power,volt, current integrated ( 10, 39, 40 ) i cant help you with.
But after you set up ALL entities( you want/need/are interested in ), i believe 38 is binary ( on/off ) , for that you choose Binary … and don’t forget to “uncheck” the box (don’t add more …) you have to add all the entities you want, or you have to start over again :slight_smile:
Edit: if you find power, volt, current inside the “Switch” you won’t get separate entities, this was prior added as Attributes on the Switch, as for the other you will get individual entities.
PS: here is how to get the details of your specific device on tuya iot

Yeah I am struggling here to get my Gosund Strip Plug working.
I really wish there was a better way to get the ID Codes and all the values.
It’s very frustrating…
I do finally have all my RGB Lights working, but not some much with a Strip Plug with 3 AC power Entities, as well as a USB charging port.
Local Tuya so far just see’s it as one device to turn On/Off

After a lot of work, still no luck. These newer switches have a CUCO Z0 chip (not ESP-based), and flashing didn’t work, no data was received.

And no power data is reported by any combination of sensors in the Tuya local, and even in the Tuya App, there’s no power or energy reporting, only voltage.

If anyone finds a solution, incl. one that requires disassembly, please report.