Tuya Local control of ASAKUKI Smart Oil Diffuser

Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone smarter than myself can help with getting this working at all please?

I have the ASAKUKI Smart Oil Diffuser running Tuya, it’s too new to allow me to flash it with ESP Home so I am limited to using Tuya Local, I’ve managed to get master control on/off and off/weak/strong for the diffuser side of things, my settings are below if anyone wants them:

Main on/off is value 1:

And the diffuser mist control is 103, you need to set this up as Select entity and the options are


and these link to Off, Weak, and Strong

The issue I have is in trying to control the light on it, I can’t seem to figure out which of the options do what, I thought I figured it out at one point but turns out I was wrong, I’ve taken some snapshots based on what it’s doing and this is what I’ve gotten:

Light off:

Light on (Gradient):

Light on (Static Orange):

Light on (Static Green):

Light on (Static Blue):

Light on (Nightlight):

I’d be happy with just being able to control the nightlight function, at one point I did manage to change the brightness and the colour but it wasn’t happy and then freaked out requiring it to be power cycled and setup in Tuya Local again.

If I setup option 11 as an on/off switch I can turn the light on and off but it forgets it’s previous state
Anyone got any ideas maybe?


N/B update, I’ve managed to figure out that value 110 is to control the light style, these are


Which lines up to Gradient, Solid, Night light

And I suspect value 108 controls the colour in RGBHSV mode, but I am happy with gradient and night light, would be nice to control the colour so I can tie it in with the rest of the lights in my room

Thanks so much for sharing, XcOM9876

Sorry for the brief post, but here are my findings

And the device: