Tuya Local - Single switch instead of double switch

I’m trying to install a double wall switch in HA via Tuya Local, but the integration continues to only offer me a single switch. I tried to install it anyway, but I can only control one of the two switches and without being able to change anything. I was wondering if, at the yaml code configuration level, there was the possibility of transforming this device from a single to a generic double switch. Or what could I do?
Thanks in advance.

No solution?

No real details, to be fair. What model switch, what does the integration give you, are there any relevant log entries when you reload the integration?

Hi @Troon , thanks for the reply.

This is what Tuya Local replies to me when I try to insert my device:

as you can see, none of the four devices proposed correspond to mine.

This is what is identified by the IOT Tuya:

I don’t understand much about this integration, I hope you or someone else can help me.

Thank you.

I suggest you change your title to include ‘Tuya Local’, it is so generic almost nobody will look at it.

And second, ask on the Tuya Local github also.

Does the Tuya integration show it as a double switch ?

Hello @francisp , I followed your advice and changed the title. I don’t understand the question regarding the double switch, the answer I have from the integration is the one displayed in my previous message.
Thank you.

This is about the official Tuya intagration, not Tuya Local

And you could try local tuya too, I understand both Local Tuya and Tuya local don’t support all the same devices.

I have not configured either Tuya integration or Local Tuya, both require a connection to the Tuya cloud which I would like to avoid. Furthermore, I would not like to use Local Tuya to manage the same type of devices that Tuya local already does, it would not seem like correct management to me.

Difficult debugging so.