Tuya local

yes app always works, I am using smartlife

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For a while I had both Local Tuya and Tuya V2 running in HA to see what sensors were available - so yes.

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DUDE! I cannot thank you enough. I’ve been pulling my hair out on these for a month and as soon as I plugged THIS magical combination in, everything started working properly!

I finally have more than just on/off

Does this work with this device TuYa TV02-Zigbee control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT?

@Ryszard23 did you manage to get the settings for this?

The TuYa TV02-Zigbee is a device using the Zigbee protocol (not WiFi). Thus you will need the Zigbee2MQTT integration and a Zigbee-Adapter on your HA to be able to manage the device. Tuya Local will not work with the TuYa TV02-Zigbee.

Under localtuya repository, there is an open PR to add child ZigBee devices over localtuya integration.

Hi guys,

I check all thread but looks like nobody have come across this which is a bit strange…
Anyway, just got an outdoor siren that, as far as I am able to understand, does not have a simple “alarm on/off” switch -it rather has a few options to select, like this:
2022-02-28 16_36_53-Tuya IoT Platform and 59 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge

I am struggling to find a proper platform in local tuya integration that would allow me to choose on of those options. If I choose “select” as a platform - it only let me specify two options but not more:
2022-02-28 16_39_17-Configuration – Home Assistant and 59 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge

Any ideas how to overcome that? Do I need to choose any another platform or this type of device is not supported (yet) ?

Thank you

P.S. And “select” platform does not work anyway… it is just grayed/disabled in HA so I must choose something else… but what?

I am using switch platform. I am using 104 as main switch, 105 as current and 106 as voltage.

I mapped main switch as alarm trigger switch.
Current value as temperature sensor and voltage value as humidity sensor.
Mine is supporting these.

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To answer my own question - I have not found a solution to my problem yet while using LocalTuya integration.
However there is a workaround. I user tinytuya python module to write my own little script that sends exactly what I want to the siren.
HA can either call the script directly or use MQTT to send a command to my server where the script is. For now it is one way communication (HA can only send commands to the siren but not read its state back) but I don’t think this is a problem - the siren is not a sensor anyway.

I know this is old, but how exactly does the select entity work?

How do I input this in the setup dialog?

Fan support is still broken since HA update? My two fan controllers don’t change fan speed, error popup every time. Though i can turn on/off it.

I played with this device (Moes Wake Up Light II) 3 weeks ago. Then I was able to define 19 parameters. Only 9 have been available for the last few days. Probably there was an upgrade :disappointed:. There is an interesting video on this topic on yt: Adding Local Tuya Devices (Dekala Arkenstone Lamp) - YouTube

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to ask if there is support of Switch Dimmers in Local Tuya? Specifically, i am interested to get this one: New WiFi Smart Touch Light Dimmer Switch Timer Brightness Memory EU — MOES

I am expecting to see 2 entities in Home assistant, one for the switch, and one for the brightness.
Is this supported in Local tuya?

Thank you very much
Kind Regards


Should I put in a PR for this change so the Atomi lights don’t break each time there’s a Local Tuya update?


    "White": "white",

    "Color": "colour",

    "chase": "scene5",

    "America": "scene7",

    "Fade": "scene2",

    "Pulse": "scene3",

    "Blink": "scene4",

    "Christmas": "scene6",

    "Pick 2": "scene8",

    "Rainbow": "scene9",


Any idea of supporting this dimmer?

Bump, I’m trying to do the same. I now get that the Arlec has a series of states as per below.

101 - Mode: mode_auto/mode_on/mode_off
102 - Light State: true/false
103 - Motion Sensitivity: [0-4]
104 - Light Timeout when in Auto mode (secs)
105 - Light Cutout Threshold [0-3900]
106 - Reset to Auto after 1 hr in Manual On: True/False

So what I understand is to turn on the light I need to send the device a ‘select’ of mode_on.

How do I send a select?

Have a look at the data point tables towards the bottom of the page. It took me a little to figure out but using the descriptions next to the data IDs should help

Thanks, works a treat!!

import tinytuya

d = tinytuya.OutletDevice('DEVICE_ID_HERE', 'IP_ADDRESS_HERE', 'LOCAL_KEY_HERE')
#data = d.status() 
#print('set_status() result %r' % data)
d.set_value(101, 'mode_on')


I am on the HA beta for 2022.6 and I’m starting to receive some warnings of things to come with this integration:

Logger: homeassistant.helpers.frame
Source: helpers/frame.py:103
First occurred: 8:25:47 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 8:25:47 PM

Detected integration that uses deprecated async_get_registry to access entity registry, use async_get instead. Please report issue to the custom component author for localtuya using this method at custom_components/localtuya/init.py, line 315: ent_reg = await er.async_get_registry(hass)