Tuya motion sensor is not supported in Home Assistant

What app on your mobile did you use to configure the bulbs?

I just figured it out myself…

Just downloaded the TuyaSmart app and registered there… instead of using the LSC app.

and then used the next code:

> tuya:
>   username: !secret tuya_usr
>   password: !secret tuya_psw
>   country_code: 31

Then did the pull_devices in the services section…

and it all worked! :slight_smile:

That’s what I thought :wink:

+1 also from me! and i bought it also at the action! :slight_smile:

Also bought some sensors and switches from Action, only the switch in showing up in HA no motion sensor or door sensor. +1 for supporting them…

+1 for the Tuya motion sensor component

+1 for the Tuya compatible Camera component

Hey, why not … +1 for me too. I have 3 from before I started using HA about 2 weeks ago. Just tried to add one into the new setup and was fairly crushed it isn’t supported. :frowning:

I also have a PIR sensor to detect water leaks that was really cheap and works great. I suppose that’s the same situation. HA could do amazing things for that like turn my bulbs blue if it detects a leak. The possibilities…

EDIT: I note there is no open issue for this on GitHub, should there be?

No, github is for logging issues, this is a feature request

+1 for Tuya motion sensors for me. :+1:

Hello, I suspect an integration of the LSC sensors would work over IFTTT in HA. The “Smart Life” app can be inserted in IFTTT. Have to test a PIR sensor and a door sensor. Find it rather big, and the triggering time relatively long. Sensors via ESPHome or Xiaomi are much faster here, and even smaller, priced I can not see any difference.

Another +1 in support for HA to support the Tuya Motion sensor, just purchased 2 and then found they are not supported

Unfortunately, PIR sensors have become somewhat unreliable in IFTTT or I’d be using that in the meantime. The first one I bought worked well until I had to delete and re-add it in SmartLife. Since then, even though it is selectable in IFTTT it never detects when motion is sensed. I don’t know if this is the Tuya service or IFTTT. I bought a second one (different brand/type) and while it claimed IFTTT compatibility, it flat out never worked. They do work in the Tuya and Smart Life apps.

All this was before I got into HA a few weeks ago… in fact, my whole reason for being here is the general unreliability of IFTTT along with wanting to do more.

+1 for the door sensor integration!!! please!


Anyone tried this?

Seems worth a try but will get my pir tomorrow, so i will report back

I tried it, did not work with my tuya devices.

Started playing with Tuya motion sensor a few days ago, but mine also flatout refuses to communicate with IFTTT. I’m pretty sure I did everything correctly, since I use IFTTT for other stuff as well.

Yes, it definitely seems those sensors are “broken” somehow. I reported it to IFTTT, but don’t expect a response. They say they monitor those messages for trends. Maybe add your comments in a message to them.

+1 for the Tuya motion sensor component.


So would I