Tuya motion sensor is not supported in Home Assistant


It would be really nice if motion sensor (PIR) could be supported in home assistant. Currently the motion sensor is working fine in Smart Life application (android), but it’s not displayed in home assistant.

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I would love this too.

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Register in Smart Life app and then put the following in your configuration.yaml

  username: 1234567890
  password: password
  country_code: 1
  platform: smart_life

Where username is either the email address or phone number you registered with. Country code is 1 for US and platform is either tuya or smart_life depending on which app you used to register.
Then in services do a tuya_pull and you should see your stuff.

Doesn’t pull in sensors though.

I noticed that. I have smart life/tuya switches that showed up just fine on both Alexa smart home devices and HA. The sensors I just got work fine on smart life, they show up on Alexa smart home devices but NOT on HA… go figure.

Greetings, if you guys watch closesly at the tuya component in HA’s Git you will see that there isnt any implementation for regular sensors as well as binary sensors.

It would be great if anyone could take a look into incorporating this sensors.


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In the meantime, I ended up using a binary_sensor from the mqtt platform (HA to subscribe to read the updates) and 2 IFTTT applets (open & close) + webhooks to publish the data (tried cloudmqtt and gave up, ended up on Beebotte, that allows both MQTT & API calls to read/write the data). Reliability is as good as the Tuya+IFTTT integration (meeehhh) but it works!

I hope that home assistant can soon recognize tuya motion sensors! They seem to be among the best motion sensors solutions for now. Or did you find any that are similar and compatible with HA?

Looking forward to trying this later tonight: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/22598
I’d love to have something that is HomeKit supported natively, too

One more request for adding support for motion sensors to the Tuya component.


+1 for the Tuya motion sensor component

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I have the Tuya/Smart Life door sensors and I have come up with a reasonably easy workaround to get them to communicate with HA. It does require having an Amazon Echo together with the Emulated Hue HA component.

The basic workflow is this:

  1. When Alexa senses that the door is open, turn an emulated hue bulb off, which actually runs an HA script turning off an input boolean.
  2. When Alexa senses that the door is closed, turn an emulated hue bulb off, which actually runs an HA script turning on an input boolean.
  3. Once you have the input boolean sorted, you can trigger automations and other scripts based on it’s state.

In my case, I just wanted to know whether the door was open or closed in my UI. I created a template sensor which is fed by the input boolean and then used the custom button card in Lovelace and mapped it’s ‘on’ and ‘off’ states to ‘closed’ and ‘open’ with a label template.

I’m sure this workflow would also work with motion sensors, albeit with a little less control than you’d perhaps want, but it might be useful to someone!


+1 for the Tuya motion sensor component.

They now sell these sensors in a local store nearby. Would live to see the sensors and alarm added too

Just bought one door sensor. But yes…not available in hassio…would like this too :wink:

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Affordable, available in local stores, I would like this too.

+1 for the tuya door sensor integration.
Also bought a smart door sensor that runs with tuya and does not get recognized by both HA and Alexa. The brand is called ‘LSC Smart Connect’ and the device is based on ESP8266 microcontroller.


@Remi93: Same here. From an Action market, right?
I was totally hyped to get those sensors for such prices and was totally shocked that they aren’t supported.

The bulbs from LSC are working fine.

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+1 also for the door sensor integration!


How did you get the LSC bulbs working?

Just updated to hassio 0.98 before trying…

I tried the next settings in configuration.yaml:

> tuya:
>   username: !secret tuya_usr
>   password: !secret tuya_psw
>   country_code: 31
> tuya:
>   username: !secret tuya_usr
>   password: !secret tuya_psw
>   country_code: 31
>   platform: jinvoo_smart


> tuya:
>   username: !secret tuya_usr
>   password: !secret tuya_psw
>   country_code: 31
>   platform: smart_life

They all gave a notification with a tuya component error.