Tuya Needs Attention error 1106 etc

Hi All

Really confused on this. I have 14 devices setup in in the tuya integration. They actually all work (currently).

However in HA under integrations I continuously get 2 devices Needs Attention with failed setup error 1006 msg perission deny ‘success’ False 1 :etc,etc

What Im consused about in trying to resolve this:

  1. The device info in HA eg
    Single Adaptor PC190HA (3yj6z55c0689kmi5)
    by Tuya
    This does not equate to anything in my tuya iot login or devices. How do I identify which device is which between tuya and HA

  2. I have ssh into HA and edited the /config/.storage/core.config_entries file. It appears to my understanding that the uname/passwds are correct (their is sh!tload of confusion here).
    If this is correct why are 2 devices needing attention and 12 working fine. (have restarted HA after playing with this file).

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.