Tuya (NEO/COOLCAM) door sensor component


There’s this wifi door sensor (bought 3 for 30€) that works with tuya smart cloud service.

Since we recently got a new internal component to control switches and bulbs from that platform I don’t believe any other requirement for posting this request is unfulfilled but in any case:

I hope @huangyupeng or any skilled volunteer can take a look into incorporating this sensors.

I just bought 3 of those wifi door sensors you mentioned.
Did you find a way to integrate them to HA?

I have them integrated with tuya and amazon alexa but not HA… yet.

i really wish at some point someone makes it possible. :slight_smile: If i find out anything ill let you guys know!

I ended up using a binary_sensor from the mqtt platform (HA to subscribe to read the updates) and 2 IFTTT applets (open & close) + webhooks to publish the data (tried cloudmqtt and gave up, ended up on Beebotte, that allows both MQTT & API calls to read/write the data). Reliability is as good as the Tuya+IFTTT integration (meeehhh) but it works!

Hi @dkepler can you share the YAML you used to do that please ? Thanks in advance !

Unfortunately i bought two of these sensors. They work very well with the TuyaSmart app. I would like to know if there is any posibility to read the sensor values by Home Assistant or any other script on my server.
Thanks in advance!


Sorry to bump this topic but I have the exact same question. It looks like Tuya and IFTTT have closed their partnership so we can’t head to that workaround either.
Would it be possible to have that WiFi door sensor supported in Home Assistant ?
Thank you ! :slight_smile: