Tuya NiteBird WiFi RGB lamp HA integration or install

Hello guys,

I have this WiFi RGB lamp that is originally made for Tuya/Smart life app. It somewhat similar to this, but not exact model (exact model not available anymore) - NiteBird lamp

I tried using Tuya or LocalTuya without success, is there any other way I can put this lamp into home assistant? I want to be able to turn it off/on and adjust the color. Thanks

Does it show up with the official tuya integration?
Is there any fcc id on your light

The light works as advertised in Tuya/Smart life app, but I want it into Home Assistant, if possible with same functionality or similar.

Here is all I can see on the bottom:

Judging by the internal components, looks like it’s using esp chip, unless tuya’s changed it to a different one


You could flash tasmota/esphome since you’re not using localtuya/tuya integration

Great. But how to do that? I need a step-by-step tutorial, is there video online that I Can follow for this specific lamp?

And once it is done, how do I add it into home assistant? Thanks