Tuya - not able to add new device

I’m running HA 0.95.4 on QNAP Docker ,
Added TUYA component sometime back - all devices and switches
working properly ,
I added new device - WIFI relay :
No matter what i tried - i dont see this switch as switch ,
device_tracker find it though.
a scene in the Smart Life app for this switch seen on HA
but not as a switch ,
Any suggestion ?

it shows as a scene in HA? this might be the best you will get with the tuya integration until/unless someone alters how it is discovered in the lower level code/api/library…

If i have the local_key and device_id
how can i add the switch manually?

Maybe open a issue on github and someone will do it, you could probably edit it to work for your instance but I’m not certain how, I actully have a issue that under 12% dimming my light switches turn off.

Not really sure where and how to open an issue on github ,
The Q is if im using the build in component for tuya ,
In case device not found , can i add it manually(it is working via SmatLife app)?

Did you manage to add this device to HA?

Nope…till now couldn’t find a way to to make ha see the device with tuya component

Have the same problem, any updates?

Same problem here with the same device, any updates?