Tuya or Zigbee installation?

Hi all

First let me say that I’m new on “Smart Homes”. I bought some Tuya/Zigbee devices, Amazon Echo, Ring, IR Remote and start testing.

The tuya app is very “user friendly” and easy to use. Some of the integrations are on Alexa because Tuya don’t link them (ring for example). Two weeks ago I bought a Raspberry PI 4B to start making some tests using Home Assistant. But now I’m on a cross road. And I need the help who already walked these roads :slight_smile:
I have more than 30 Tuya/Zigbee devices in my house. I had reading about the Tuya integration on HA, even still in early Beta days. But don’t know what to do…
Should I integrate Tuya on HA or just do a installation from scratch using Zigbee instead?
Using only Zigbee and not the Tuya integration will I loose anything besides the Tuya app on my mobile phone?
What will be easier to manage?
The HA APP can be “user friendly” and “good looking” as the Tuya APP?
Sorry for these newbie questions… but I prefer this method than start doing a lot of mistakes.

Definitely go the Zigbee route. That is totally local, and the HA app can do anything the Tuya App can do.
And you can use Zigbee devices from other vendors too :slight_smile:


Will I loose anything?

From my personal experience so far i would say this:

  • Ditch the cloud based devices if you cant / want. You will always be dependent on how they feel about accessing your own devices :frowning:
  • Zigbee via a Deconz adapter or a CC2652RB usb stick and zigbee2mqtt works great IF you get the supported devices. zigbee2mqtt.io | 📘 Zigbee2mqtt documentation
    Due to the open protocol there are quite some iffy working zigbee devices. Just ask on the forum or check the list for good working ones.
  • Zwave will be more expensive, but they will have been tested to work and thus more likely to just work out of the box. Like Zigbee that will require an USB stick tho.
  • Wifi devices with ESPHome or Tasmota, you will need an USB UART programmer to flash the Wifi devices so they work without a cloud connection thats forced on you. Or create your own devices with an ESP32/8266 if you feel like it :smiley:

Starting out i would say tinker around with Zigbee devices as there as so many sensors, switches, lights ect. And go from there. There is loads of documentation about everything and i would highly suggest reading them and asking on the forum before buying anything.

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Most of the Zigbee devices I bough come from Zemismart or Moes. Light switches, PIR sensors, temperature sensors, IR remote and some lights.

There are 2 really good sites on zigbee compatibility.