Tuya platform only show some devices

Hi everyone,

I have 2 devices to control the blinds. One is Tuya and the other compatible brand called MoesHouse. I can configure them in the TuyaSmart app or in Smart Life. In both cases I can control the devices even in google home. Curiously, HA only recognizes one, which is not of the Tuya brand.

Anyone knows how can I Solve it?

My configuration is:

  username: [email protected]
  password: Mypass
  country_code: 34
  platform: smart_life

Many thanks for your help.

  1. make sure they are both in smart_life
  2. even if they are both in smart_life (or other app, I dont know if it makes a difference), some tuya devices are just no supported by the integration as yet.

Thanks Jon,

Yes. both are in smart_life.

Ok, I’ll wait for the integration. Many Thanks

unfortunately, you may be waiting a while…

As an alternative, there is a different way to integrate to tuya that basically involves going direct via the LAN rather than the tuya servers. There are details here…

Thanks Jon for offering me so many alternatives.
I’ll try it.
Yesterday I talked to the seller and was surprised that this device can’t be integrated with HA and he said that he would ask the technicians and say something. If I have any news, I will let you know.