Tuya Pro-Breeze branded YPK Air conditioner Integration issues

Hello Everyone,
I have an Air Conditioner connected via Tuya.
The air conditioner has the following command sets:
Power: On, Off
Mode: Fan, Dry, Cool
Fan Speed: High, Low
Temp Selection: 16 - 25 ( steps in integers)
However only I can only access Off/On. The temperature setting also works, but I have to set it to “Cool” manually to access the temps (as I can’t set it via HA).

I have also tried Local Tuya, which is worse in that I cannot control any of the settings.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Have you looked at the generic thermostat integration? I believe you can use it for AC.

I have the same issue with the Generic thermostat in that I cannot change the mode (ie Fan, Dry and cool).