Tuya scenes not working since HA 2023.5.0

Hello, I use smart life (tuya) app for controlling light bulbs and some other devices like a wifi infrared remote controller, since this remote controller is not present in home assistant as a device (no idea why) I programmed things like volume up, turn off and so on as scenes on the smart life app, and they appear as home assistant scenes too.

Since Home Assistant 2023.5.0 they dissapeared, so I had to go back to 2023.4.6 for now.

Does anybody know how to make the scenes work on 2023.5.1 or later?

I think they are broken with their 2023.5.0
Today they released 2023.5.2 but I do not see Tuya fixed on announcement. No time trying it so I think will wait for couple more updates before installing them hopefully it will be fixed then.

same on my side, since version 5, tuya no longer works, in 5.1 and 5.2 too, I came back to version 4.6

same issue and had to go back in time. Unfortunately, I am stuck with Tuya ecosystem and the only devices ive been facing such issues with.

Hi guys

Anyone found a workaround? Its been 2 releases akready :frowning:

Hello everyone, due to today’s message I remembered this unresolved problem so I got down to work and was able to fix it in less than an hour!

But before I tell you how I did it, let me give you some context to see if we’re all on the same page:

I didn’t have Tuya, but something called Tuya v2, which is not the official integration.

Why did I have this?
Because I couldn’t use the official version due to an error that said

‘cannot import name ‘AuthType’ from ‘tuya_iot’ (/usr/local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/tuya_iot/init.py)’.

And why did I have that error?
Basically, it was because I was missing Python 3.10; I only had Python 3.9. So after installing Python 3.10, I tried again to put the official Tuya integration and it accepted everything, including devices and scenes.

With the official integration, I deleted the unofficial Tuya v2 integration and updated to the latest version of Home Assistant.

Everything works perfectly including devices and scenes.

Please can you advise how to update the python ?
Also please can you share the link of the official latest tuya.