Tuya siren

Has anyone managed to connect the siren/alarm VS-H1 With the help of local tuya to be able to trigger different alarm states and read the sensors connected to it? Because after adding it to their cloud, it is detected by local integration, and by the official one it has the status of unspported So I’m looking for a workaround to be able to use it in node-red or ha 2023.11.0

Edit: With the help of the custom integration of local tuya with hacs, you can only control: 105 (set the alarm duration to 1 sec. or infinity), 106 (light on/off), 120 (sets the maximum volume), 121 (voice on/off), 127 (sos on/off), the following numbers display: 116 is the active mode (armed or disarmed or armed at home) 120 (volume level:1 low, 2medium, 3 high) and 117 and 118 I don’t know what they display

How can I remotely disarm or arm such a tuya alarm without buying a sonoff rf gateway?