Tuya siren

I have a tuya siren that i would love to have integrated in home assistant for my alarm system. As it is now i need to use IFTTT and a webhook to enable/disable the siren and it has some serious delay.

It’s not on the list but maybe you could run Tasmota if it’s a TuyaMCU device.


I got the Tuya PIR sensor working using this.

I ended up using one of these for my siren, which is fine if you have the 433Mhz setup already:

how do you control the siren?
I have sonoff rfbridge, is it compatible?

See here:

Or if you go to the top of that topic you can see an alternative method to mine which involves learning the remote codes into RFkey on the Sonoff bridge. That method simply uses the remote as an alarm and pairs it with sensors, my method uses HA as the controller and HA simply uses the siren as a siren and nothing else.

My method also requires Tasmota flashed on the Sonoff bridge, not sure about the RFKey method.

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am very much a newbee to HA. As part of the development of my HA system I am currently setting up an house alarm based on ALARMO. For this I purchased what I was led to believe were zigbee sirens:

[https://uk.banggood.com/Zigbees-Smart-Sensor-Wireless-WiFi-Linkage-Smart-Sound-And-Light-Alarm-Horn-Siren-Remote-Controller-Smart-Module-p-1758665.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN ]

However, on receipt it is apparent that these are not zigbee but WIFI ( I have complained to Banggood - their response pending !) and can be installed on your local network using TuyaSmart. However, the HA Tuya integartion does not recognise. But by experimentation I determined that HA does recognise if included via the localtuya integration. This is somewhat a protracted process as to do this you need to known the device local key - how to do this can be found on Github and ter are several YouTube videos. Anyway, I eventually got the siren included in HA and after trial and error determined the relevant ID. is 13 - for this the siren flashes red and is very loud for such a small item. Occasionaly with poering on and off it might loose connection to HA but this can be quickly re-established by switching the siren on and off via the TuyaSmart app, i.e. I have the siren simultaneously linked to both HA and TuyaSmart on my phone. Not perfect but is a start.

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I bought mine to pair with the sonoff zigbee hub thing and apparently the siren was supposed to be zigbee… I can’t get to connect to the sonoff and believe it is just wifi.

I would like to see the official Tuya integration pull the siren… It works as a siren, temp and humidity sensor as well as can alarm. I wanted to use it as my door bell but I guess not at this present time.

I purchased a Tyua Zigbee siren as well. I can connect it to ZHA, but only get one entity, which sadly isn’t to activate the siren. It would be awesome if we could trigger the siren…

Hi SecurityGuy, I have the same situation here. Did you manage to make any progress?

I ended up here when searching for tuya siren integration in HomeAssistant, for me i got the siren working as a switch using the local tuya integration (https://github.com/rospogrigio/localtuya)

i am not able to change config parameters (sound level, alarm duration) using HA but this is fine for me as i can configurate it in the tuya app

Can you tell the localtuya configuration please?
I have configured the device like fan and i’m able to arm and disarm etc…but i would like to add the entity like a switch to control the status. Thank you

I think each of the tuya devices will have a different setup, so i can give you some more hints.
for local tuya you will need to have the local key of the device, there are a lot of guides out there. i used the method using the cloud environment of tuya and postman to query the API.

when you have the local key you can add the localtuya integration like below and use (in my case) DPS 13 as the on/off switch


Thanks. I tried to add an entity lije switch but the added switch allow me only to fire the sos siren. To have sone choice (arm/disarm/home) the only way i have found is to add the entity in fan type (also google assistant use this kind of device). The arm disarm home state are the state ok the speed fan. Its ok but i’d like to have a switch for the alarm state.

@SecurityGuy and @RNL Try posting issue to https://github.com/zigpy/zha-device-handlers/issues

Also read -> https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zha/#zha-exception-and-deviation-handling

Great to hear you got the siren/chime working in home assistant with local tuya. Can you tell me which particular tuya siren you are using (and from which site)? There seem to be a lot of those. Also many complain about it being too loud, do you also have this problem?

I’m using the siren that was available at the Action (a store in the netherlands) i’ts branded lsc but it’s tuya based.
it’s the same as this one : link
but they were cheaper at the action.

like i said i can only control the trigger from home assistant, things like volume level can only be controlled using the tuya app.

in my opinion even the loudest setting is not loud enough.

Thank you! I live in the Netherlands too, so i will take a look at Action. I understand it is only possible to trigger it from home assistant, but that’s enough for me. But what is more important to me: it is branded a siren, but does it have a normal doorbell sound like something as a “ding dong” sound?

No as far as I can see it’s only a siren. the only thing I can do from HA is enable and disable the siren noise. you could let it ‘ring’ by giving it a short pulse or something but I would advise not to because the siren sound is really high pitched and not comfortable to your ears (the goal of the siren I guess :slight_smile: )

Hmm that’s unfortunate, i was planning on using it as a doorbell, but since it is tuya based and you got it working, other tuya based siren’s should work too right?
I think something like this might have a doorbell sound: Tuya Smart Leven Wifi Usb Sirene Alarm Detector Sensor Draadloze Sound Light Alarm|Alarm Siren| - AliExpress

Might work, but you could also use a google nest speaker for this:

Google Nest Mini - Smart Speaker / Grijs / Nederlandstalig - 2-pack | bol.com

They integrate into HA without issues and you can use them to play any sound or even TTS

Might be a bit more expensive but it offers more flexibility

Thank you for your advice. Yes i thought about doing that, however this doorbell is for outside, and i dont think a google nest will survive outside :sweat_smile: