Tuya Smart Blinds - Battery life

I have a couple of Smart Blind motors, they stick on the wall at the bottom of the pull cord. They work fine enough but their battery life is awful, like each day they need recharged. I just wanted to check whether anyone knows for sure that this is kind of expected for cheap motors or whether HA could be draining the battery faster than expected?
I use Local Tuya so hopefully this is still somewhere people have some thoughts.

Also as a side question if anyone see’s this and has the same/similar Tuya motors, are the temp and light sensors trash? The light sensor on mine is always at 10% and temp seems to work but is wildly inaccurate.

You may want to modify them so that you can run a charger cable to the batteries from a power socket close to where they are, there have been some folks that have used a smart plug with the charger to keep them always connected to a nearby power for the smart blinds they use to save on taking the batteries out to charger them and let it be done automatically through battery level triggers.

Hey, thanks.
That’s a great idea I hadn’t thought of actually. I didn’t like the idea of just leaving them plugged in constantly but a smart switch get’s around that.
I’m actually now looking at whether I can flash the firmware on them or even switch out the tuya chip entirely but appreciate the smart switch idea for now, that should help a lot.

I have just installed a Tuya Blind motor, wifi type. I am also using Local Tuya integration. I am also experiencing very bad battery life, not if the blinds are motored open and closed (I did 40 open/close exercises one after the other and the battery dropped about 20 %). but if i just leave the blind to open and close in the morning and evening the battery lasts 2 open/closing so basically 2 days. I will continue to investigate.

It seems possible to squeeze a bit more out of the battery life on these guys, when I was testing initially I managed to get around 20 actual curtain movements before I left it alone. It seems like the battery life gets drained from the wifi module as if I leave it alone, it only manages 2 days (of minimal activity) before it runs out of battery.

I’m looking flash it with tuya-convert but have the suspicion that it’s not supported on my device (it has a WBR3 chip). Hoping that the deepsleep or dynamic sleep options can give me something here (Shutters and Blinds - Tasmota)