Tuya Smart Bulb. Any real numbers of the 9/12/15/18 W versions?

Hello! The topic is for owners of Tuya Smart Bulbs.

There are at least 4 different versions of the Tuya Smart Bulb available on the market 9, 12, 15 and 18 W.

I have just received the 18w version. Made some measurements and here is what i have

  • In CCT mode it consumes around 7,5w on max brightness and coldest color temperature
  • In color mode (when white color set to make all the RGB channels to go max) it consumes pretty much the same.

So well… Even if I add up the two numbers I will have 15w. Not 18w at all.

The question I have is this - if you have a Tuya Smart Bulb, can you share its wattage on the label and its actual measured max power consumption in CCT cold white and RGB modes? This will help me to check if the numbers i have are normal or not.

Assuming that WiFi and ZigBee versions with the same wattage produce the same light output.

Thank you.