Tuya (smart life) devices, do they need to be on same wifi?

Hi, i am using Tuya Smart life…
added 2 LEDs and 1 plug

after adding Tuya, my 2 led entitties are created, but i dont see the power plug
But the power plug is on a remote location, so different wifi … its connected i can toggle it with smat life app… But i dont see it in HA

is HA limited to local lan? i thought it was a cloud based component?

HA is a ‘local’ system, however, it can be used from the cloud by Nabu Casa

Still I am not sure if what you want is possible ( i understand the Tuya is not ‘tasmotized’ ?)
I am not sure if HA is the ‘controlling’ factor of Tuya cloud, or if it can be done from NabuCasa. As far as I understand, HA ‘converts’ the Tuya devices to local devices and then publishes them on NabuCasa.

First thing that pops my mind in this case is to use a VPN solution, so your remote Tuya would appear to be on the same network as your local Tuya devices :thinking:

Not all tuya devices are supported. Check if you see it if it is on the same WIFI.

The power plug was supported… I removed it from tuya and added it again on another wifi, but on same tuya account…

So I have 3 devices in my tuya app, but only see 2 in HA

You removed it from tuya. Did you also remove it from HA ?

I removed the tuya integration, readded it , but still don’t see the third device…

It should see it, also if it’s located in another wifi, since HA is pulling them from cloud