Tuya Smart Life Ghost Automation

I have a Smart life plug integrated into homeassistant via the tuya integration.
All seems to be fine i can see all the devices and contol them all. However 1 plug switches off every night at the same time.
There is no HA automations that are set for this device but i think i did have it set up as an autlmation in the smart life app.
I have removed all the smart life automations
And deleted/wiped the offending plug and reinstalled it again. But its still turning off by itself.

I think I have quite similar problem. But my switch will auto on by it own. Intermittently but not always. Seems like it don’t keep it state though. Eg, I turn them on last night and of them couple of hours later. The next day morning. It turn own by its own. Hope there’s a fix.

I link them thru Tuya cloud base. I don’t see any setting that able to fix. Hope experts here may help.


Any news on that? I have the same issue. From what I found, it might be related to RF interference. Since I don’t use it, it is possible to remove it?


I had an orphaned automation in my config file although i had deleted the ui automation it was still in the config yaml, so go to the config -automations yaml then find the code and remove it back up your yaml first and always check config validation before you restart system.