Tuya / Smart Life

Hello all,

I have added the following to the configuration.yaml
username: XXXXXXXXX
password: XXXXXXXXX
country_code: XX
platform: Smart_life’

No matter how I enter it, I neither get a confirmation or an error log when restarting the hass. I use my telephone number without the zero. Nothing happens and my Smart Life Led strip is not showing up anyware. Any advice?

Hello and welcome to the forum. It would be good if you used correct formatting if you show an example of your configuration.yaml here. Proper formatting is very important here! After you have changed and saved your configuration.yaml, it is also important to check the configuration.yaml for errors. If that’s okay, restart the system first. Please read this page.

Hello VolkerKa,

Thanks for the reply. Let’s say my telephone number is 0123456789 I have it entered as below. I have already installed the Tuya app now as well and have assigned the light strip there. Therefor I have deleted the platform since it is default Tuya. When I restart no logs in the logbook arise.

username: 123456789
password: fakepassword
country_code: 44

Please use this icon for the correct formatting … Here in the forum there are already a few threads that deal with the subject of Tuya LED, you can also find out more. Not all Tuya devices are supported by HA.

I’m also having the same problem. I have a wi-fi connected alarm clock and it has a light built in. I can control it via the Smart Life app and it is recognized in the Google Home app though I can’t seem to address it via voice, but that’s a different issue.

When I add the necessary configuration to hassio based on the Tuya docs, nothing shows up after a restart and there are no errors in the log. This is from my configuration.yaml:

  username: "[email protected]"
  password: !secret tuya_password
  country_code: 1
  platform: smart_life

I’m not sure what all devices should show up, but at least the light should be there. I’ve checked under both the lights and the switches in the states display, but nothing. I’ve restarted many times doing other configuration things and reloaded the front end. The docs say the country_code should be “1” for the US, but I’ve seen people referencing code “32” on the forums here.

Hello, your configuration looks correct, as far as I know not all Tuya devices are supported. Maybe that’s the reason why the device does not appear in HA. Maybe you can connect using IFTTT. Or what could possibly work, NodeRED with the “Nora” addon. This allows you to connect HA to the Google Assistant, but I can’t say whether this would work in your case. Good luck and success …

That is why I have decided to step away from the Tuya Platform and will work with an Infrared Blaster to simulate the remote control via Home Assistant. Probably will go with a Broadlink mini.

As an alternative, scenes in the tuya platform always work. So you create 2 scenes in the smart life app, one where your light is on, one where your light is off. Then you can switch your light on/off in HA by activating the corresponding scene.