Tuya Smart Lock Deadlatch (avoid for now)

I have a nightlatch style lock above my main handle lock on my front door so was curious what options there are and just found and ordered this matching smart lock and figured I would post if up for others that may be looking into one for their setup needs, once it arrives and I have it setup I will update the post with more details since there are limited options out there for this style of smart lock that I can find at this time.

The only thing that I am iffy about with it is that since its Tuya and uses the Tuya/Smartlife apps it will be interesting to see how much function and support there is for the long term once its setup.

More of a peace of mind item more than anything to have it auto lock at night or when I step out to check the mail and throw out the trash since I am running out of projects to do lol.

The other one that I have found is:

But it’s a more bulky design from the overall setup of it and wanted to do as little modification to my door as possible to maintain its fire safety rating and am not even sure I can get this specific model setup in HA or even in Australia.

Got delivery of the Tuya deadlatch today and this is disappointing:

I will have to detach it from the tuya smart app and try the smart life app instead to see what can be done through that and IFTTT for this specific lock.

Update: it shows up with the same lack of support in the smart life app as shown above and is not even showing up in the link to IFTTT, so this may be one to avoid until it has proper support if you are looking to use one with HA when it comes to a dead/nightlatch style lock.

Looks like I will end up going the other way around to swap the handle lock with a smart lock and leave the nightlatch as is until there is a better way to intergrate the one I have into HA using something custom.

Update 18.04.24: Support from OZSmartthings has responded saying that they made contact with the supplier of the tuya deadlatch lock and they are still doing upgrades on the device to make it compatible with HA in the future, no ETA as yet currently.

I have ordered the base switchbot lock to see if the adapters work with my existing handle on the nightlatch and see if I can set it to rotate downwards to unlock state, will update once arrives and tested.