Tuya Smart Plug - Daily Aggregated Use (KWh)

Hi there,

I’ve got my Tuya devices integrated into Home Assistant fine. I’ve amended my config.yaml with the below. I can see an entity (in entities) called sensor.diswasher which provides aggregated power usage.

But how do I create a section in my dashboard showing daily usage? e.g. my custom-mini-graph card shows the aggregated KWh (as well as current power) but not daily.
Any ideas?

- platform: integration
  source: sensor.dishwasher_power
  name: Dishwasher
  unit_prefix: k
  round: 2
  method: left
type: custom:mini-graph-card
  - entity: sensor.dishwasher_power
  - entity: sensor.dishwasher
    show_state: true
    show_graph: false
icon: midi:server
  extrema: false
  legend: false
  average: false
  fill: fade
name: Dishwasher
line_width: 2
lower_bound: 0
min_bound_range: 100
points_per_hour: 10
line_color: '#fefefe'