Tuya smart radiator valve and boiler

I now have a E-nest thermostat in the room with 4 radiators (normal valves). If I open the valve in the bedroom it only heats when the thermostat in the living room is opening the boiler. This is not the way I want to heat the bedroom. If I buy a Tuya zibee 3.0 smart heating valve. I can only use it when the temp in the living room is asking the boiler to switch on.

So I want to get rid of the E-nest and buy Tuya radiator valves on all radiators. But how can I make the boiler act on the demand from the valves? The boiler needs to switch on when a radiator valves open. And I also have opentherm (2 connection).

Can the Tuya smart valves be integrated in Conbee 2? and can I connect a switch to the boiler with radiotor valves from Tuya? I know Tado can do this, but they are expensive.

Looking for the same info.
Anybody that can reccomemmed a way to set up the tuya zigbee TRV’s with an opentherm boiler?

How to activate the boiler based on TRV demand instead of centrally controlled from a thermostat?

did you manage it so far?

I am looking for the same thing.
I have a shelly wifi swithc and 6 Tuya valves.


Nope still looking myself. Seems there are no opentherm zigbee deconz connections for the boiler (ketel). Stupid enough I have a nest heatlink and was hoping other trv’s or temp devices could use it, but no. Tado seems to use there own little zigbee network. Pfff it will be a long search.

I could try on/off boiler in combination of spring trv’s, but I prefer opentherm.

I faced the same some time ago and I ended with a home-brew solution based on ESP8266 to switch on/off the boiler and fool it about the outer temperature to control its outlet temperature (condensing boiler works better for lower temperature range so I try to control it so that it is set to lowest sufficient temperature).

If you are not a tinker, maybe just grab some zigbee-controlled relay like this:

Connect it to the boiler where you would connect and analogous (bimetal) thermostat and set up an automation that switches the boiler on if any of the valves is opened.

Make sure you are not buying a controlled socked - you need something that is not powered from the controlled circuit.

Yes I believe this is more suitable. But aren’t there cheaper relay switches that could do this?