Tuya smart remote and Broadlink pro

Hi everyone,

I please need some help again. I had to reset my Tuya smart remote controller as the orange light was constantly on and even after having it unpluged for a day it didn’t sort it out. Hence the reset.

My Broadlink for some reason changed ip and had to delete the integration and add it again.

Now only some buttons work in HA and none is working in homekit.

I have deleted homekit and added it again with no success for getting the buttons to work. Whats stange is it picks up everything but just the tuya smart remote controller and Broadlink pro buttons doesn’t work.

I know i had to learn all buttons in HA. Now the big question is, is it because the ip changed? If yes, how can i see under what ip it was so i can reserve the ip again.

If not, how do i delete all scenes that i have created for the Tuya smart remote controller and Broadlink pro so that it doesn’t duplicate and clutter up my HA?

Any other ways to easily solve this problem would be of great help :pray::pray::pray: