Tuya switch 3 gang - DS-112L-3 (TS0013)


just got this new 3 gang switch, it is recognised under ZHA but only the first switch has full functionality (receive commands and send feedback), the other 2 do not respond to command but send feedback if operated locally from/to the lovelace card (I used the default card proposed).

Each endpoint reports as device_type 0x0100
Using Configuration -> Device -> Manage clusters, I can send command and receive feedback from cluster Endpoint 1:OnOff 0x0006:On_Off 0x0000. Using Endpoint 2 or 3 on the same cluster, I have no response either from feedback query (which seems strange as the lovelace card gets it) or commands.
Any idea on this?

I understand that this switch may require a quirk. It is listed as working under zigbeetoMQTT and other platforms so the work of finding what has to be changed could be extracted from there? I do not have the Tuya gateway so can’t try anything with this.

Thanks if you can help in getting this to work.